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hokage-naruto-imagines. A, H, I, J, O and V for Neji, please~ thank you a lot! (Hope you enjoy!) A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) This man will take the best care of you after sex.

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  • Husband/boyfriend headcanons (Hashi, Madara) With a s/o who overworks herself; Getting a strip tease ; Taking care of their newborn twins (Hashi, Tobi) Playing an intense game of Scrabble + Izuna; When their s/o gets their wisdom teeth pulled; Finding out their s/o slept with them because they felt pressured + Izuna
  • Deidara, Lee and Naruto with a Himedere S/O Headcanons. Originally posted by honoredsage. Deidara • He hates it. Deidara loves his art, which is based around explosions, making the whole performance messy. Having a himedere S/O nagging all the time because they are dirty, hate the sound of explosions, or any other thing that hinders his art ...

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    Hello there! As the title says, this is a Naruto imagines blog. My ask box is currently open. Click HERE for my rules page if you're on mobile. Please read carefully before sending requests. Headcanons: 6 Scenarios: 1. Home Send me things RULES master list Theme

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    Gaara in Openings - Part 7! - Naruto Shippuden OP 10 - Newsong. Gaara dont look very amused ._. Gosh I love this Opening ♥ Kazekage Dancing Party hard Gaara Lee Neji Tenten Sakura Sai Choji Shikamaru Ino Kankuro Temari Gaara Sand Siblings Party I want to dance with them how much do they drunk Gaara forever ♥ Naruto Naruto Shippuuden Opening ...

    Naruto Headcanon - College Student! (Naruto, Kakashi, Rock Lee & Gaara) Hi I’d love it if you did naruto characters as a college student! Can you also do a mtl to initiate the first kiss haha

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    A blog where I post a bunch of headcanons and occasionally some one-shots. Mainly Naruto. Fandoms currently posting about: Naruto, Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, Sailor Moon.

    A shared Ask Naruto and Sakura blog between 0range-Hokage and Pink-Medic! Ask and submit anything you like! :)

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    Hi, it’s not too snazzy right now, these are all from my headcanons list lol. I’m still working out the details so these are gonna be vague! Haikyuu ♥ Gods/Goddesses ♥ 7 Deadly Sins ♥ Dom or Sub? OHSHC ♥ Sleepovers ♥ Tall Y/N ♥ Aesthetics Naruto ♥ Aesthetics Kamisama Kiss ♥ Aesthetics Kiss Him Not Me ♥ Aesthetics

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    Naruto was super stoked to see Hinata after Pain’s attack. He wanted to check up on her and to see if she’s alright. Honestly, wanted to treat her ramen; While Hinata, was hiding from him. Her confession still fresh in her mind. Their friends are setting them up to eat alone at Ichiraku’s. It was so obvious but Naruto still didn’t get a ...

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    Headcanon #1 . Despite the fact Musichetta was Joly’s mistress, they never had sex. Joly’s hypochondria was far too acute for him to have sex with someone easily. Instead, Joly and Musichetta were cuddle-buddies,which provided some much necessary relief when Enjolras was too over-the-top revolutionary. Submitted by Anonymous

    hokage-naruto-imagines. A, H, I, J, O and V for Neji, please~ thank you a lot! (Hope you enjoy!) A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) This man will take the best care of you after sex.

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    a blog for queer naruto headcanons! feel free to submit or tag your post with #queerninjas and we'll check it out! home ask submit about ask submit about

    Naruto was still confused but the joy from the revelation that he wasn't going to be alone made him not care as he started making dinner, though he turned back once, "Thanks, Sensei." "Maa," Sensei waved the gratitude away with humor, "You were always the odd one- thanking a man for breaking into your home."

I enjoy many series from fiction, such as Marvel and DC comics, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Dead By Daylight, Mortal Kombat, Transformers, Super Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dungeons and Dragons, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Overwatch, Yu-Gi-Oh!, RWBY, and probably more I can’t think of at the moment!
ask box open ask away request away naruto naruto shippuden Anonymous: hello! happy new year!! it possible for me to request modern romantic headcanons for itachi with a female s/o? maybe like with him being the heir to the uchiha who run a huge company that he will inherit or something? so sorry if this request is weird! have a great day <3
Read Shikamaru Headcanons Collection from the story Naruto Scenarios Series by Tigeress55 (ExcitedlySuffering ) with 398 reads. pain, gaara, sai. Requested fro...
Apr 04, 2016 · Naruto Uzumaki Sex Headcanon . Ridiculously handsy when he’s in the mood, Naruto may start off subtle, hands gently brushing hips, the back of significant other’s neck, but the man has no patience and if his significant other doesn’t pick up on his advances he’ll end up dragging them to the bedroom.